Mohammad Al Attar is a playwright and dramaturge. The political and social implications of the war in Syria and the political developments after the Syrian uprising are the main themes of his pieces. Since 2007, he has worked together with theater director Omar Abusaada, experimenting on the intersection of fiction and documentary. Interested in the political and social role of theater, many of their works engage theater in projects with marginalized groups. Al Attar’s theatrical works include i.a. While I Was Waiting (2016), Antigone of Shatila (2014), Intimacy (2013), Could You Please Look into the Camera? (2013), Look at the street…this is what hope looks like (2012), as well as Withdrawal (2008) and have been shown at various international stages and festivals. He has written numerous critical contributions published in several newspapers and magazines, focusing on the Syrian uprising.

Contributions to the 100 Years of Now. Journal: The Memory of HopeWhat Does Theater Mean for the Revolution?