The last century was one of dramatic upheavals and transitions; one that created systems of classification that continue to resonate to this day. In order to understand the present, and take action within it, one must think outside of the established reference systems.

100 Years of Now probes the countermovement to the dictatorship of the moment. The project combines diagnoses of our times with scopes of action, explores the potentials of the past, and unlocks alternative futures. How can history be retold? How can the now be expanded, how can it be linked to the experiences, hopes and discarded utopias of the past?

Through to 2019, exhibitions, music and discourse projects, educational events and theater productions in Berlin and further cities will address the global transformations and systems of classification which emerged in the First World War.

This journal will explore ideas generated during the course of the project in greater depth. Artists, scientists, and observers of our times will throw new light on global political conflicts and supposed side scenes of history, on our ideas of time and the planetary entanglement of technological, human, and natural forces.